Yes, even Capri Moments passed to version 2.0!
Our web site has a new look, much more clean and simple, and even the logo is new.

It’s been four years since, with a shy little post, we introduced ourselves to the cyberspace.
We are growing and we are so lucky to organize wonderful weddings of beautiful couples.

The people we met along the way convinced us, more and more, that this is the way to follow.

We love our work and we will try to do so with care, passion and respect for the couples who choose us to be by their side during the wedding organization.

Capri Moments version 2.0


We never stop, we are always ready to improve ourselves, to study and to discover new things. Also this is one of the Reasons that pushed us to “stretch out” over our island.
In fact, now we are ready also to arrange weddings on the Amalfi Coast!
Ravello, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento but Also, Vico Equense and many other places are dream locations, ideal settings where to say “yes, I do” .

In the new web site you will also find a section dedicated to the “Elopements”
Getting married away from home, together with just a few close relatives and friends is ideal for those wishing for an intimate and reserved wedding that won’t overlook attention to detail, even the smallest.
There are many couples (from Italy and not) that choose this option.

And for those who would like to get married on Capri with the “Elopement” option, we’ve come up with various packages that include all aspects of an intimate and unforgettable wedding.

Capri Moments version 2.0


In addition, you will notice that now the blog is located within the site and no longer on platform. The old blog will remain online, but will no longer be updated.
As far as we can, we promise to write more posts, sharing our work and our experiences with you.

And now it’s time for thanks.

A super super thanks to the guys of Hubstrat who gave a (re) birth of this site.
In particular to Giuseppe (renamed by us the “patient Giuseppe”) for his time and for the great advices.

And then … Riccardo Esposito, the webwriter that everyone should choose!

Capri Moments version 2.0