Learn more about possible wedding destination spots here.


Learn more about possible wedding destination spots here.


Learn more about possible wedding destination spots here.


Capri is home to some of the most breathtaking, romantic wedding locations in the world.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate affair atop a cliff or a luxurious bash with a sensational sea view, we can transform any space into an unforgettable setting filled with warmth, sophistication, and natural beauty.

Learn more about possible wedding destination spots here.

Solaro Mount

Your wedding day represents taking your love to new heights, so how about getting married on the highest peak on the island of Capri? After an exciting ride in the chairlift, Monte Solaro welcomes you with its breathtaking panorama of homes among untouched nature, framed by the blue sky above and the emerald sea below.

Belvedere del Faro

Following along a path between the green of the Mediterranean foliage, you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by the immensity of the sea and the Faraglioni rocks, which will serve as witnesses to your bond of love. This location is surrounded by spectacular panoramic views, making it an ideal place for your intimate civil, symbolic or protestant Capri wedding ceremony.

Villa Damecuta

The fresh pine forest and the sensational sea view provide a backdrop for one of the most beautiful archeological sites of Capri. This romantic location is ideal for a dreamy enchanted forest wedding in Capri with a civil, symbolic, hindu, jewish or protestant ceremony.

Belvedere Punta Cannone

In the center of Capri and yet so secluded, this breathtaking vantage point, atop the cliffs that rise out of the Mediterranean Sea, offers to you the possibility of an intimate and unforgettable celebration that seals your love with a fantastic view of Marina Piccola, the Faraglioni and the Gardens of Augusto. Suitable for small civil or symbolic marriages.

The Cetrella Valley

This location is perhaps the most precious jewel of the blue island. A collection of natural beauty and unique landscaped attractions intertwine to a special and memorable location. The Cetrella valley can be reached on foot or by taking the chairlift up to Monte Solaro and then walking down a short path. It is possible to get married here with a civil or symbolic rite.

Villa San Michele

One of the most beautiful properties on the island of Capri also offers stunning and romantic views. The remarkable grounds were dreamed up and built by the naturalist physician Axel Munthe on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa. The result is a sanctuary of nature with terraces and buildings blending in among the trees and flowers.
It is here that history, art, and nature intertwine in a way that cannot be found in any other corner of Capri. Symbolic weddings can be celebrated on this special property.

The Lighthouse

Imagine white cliffs, lush nature, singing seagulls, and a red setting sun plunging into the sea. This charming venue, dominated by the lighthouse of Punta Carena, is perfect for those who want to get married in Anacapri with a civil, symbolic, protestant or jewish ceremony.

Augustus Gardens

A few steps away from the famous Piazzetta, you will find a wonderful stage set atop a cliff looking down to the sea below. With the Faraglioni rocks on the left and the lovely Marina Piccola Bay on the right, this beautiful spot will leave you speechless! Here you can host a wedding with a civil, symbolic, jewish or protestant ceremony.

Belvedere Tragara

The most famous and romantic stroll on the island of Capri opens up to an authentic terrace overlooking the sea, with the Faraglioni as a sentinel of an indescribable paradise. Take the opportunity to realize your Capri wedding on this special terrace above the sea with a civil, symbolic, jewish or protestant ceremony.

Villa Lysis

You will be mesmerized by this splendid monument to love and by its unparalleled sense of history and natural beauty. Built in a unique landscape, this ancient dwelling built by Count Fersen in 1904, and recently restored to its original charm, is undoubtly a special choice for couples who want to get married in Capri with a civil, symbolic, protestant, jewish or hindu ceremony.

Belvedere Migliera

After a pleasant and relaxing walk through orchards and gardens in Anacapri, you will immediately be enthralled by the intimacy of this beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. The small stage and wooden benches are reminiscent of a small amphitheatre, and on this stage you can pronounce your “yes, I do” wrapped by the embrace of the people you care about the most. This spot is just right for a civil, symbolic, jewish or protestant ceremony, or for the renewal of vows.