From the welcome bag, to graphic elements, from the table setting to the dessert table. An explosion of lemons and Mediterranean freshness.

Foto: Maurizio Beucci

Barbara & Lorenzo – The recipe of Limoncello2016-02-21T12:37:22+01:00
Barbara & Lorenzo – The sea of Capri2016-02-21T12:35:33+01:00
Barbara & Lorenzo – The groom is getting ready2016-02-21T12:33:20+01:00
Barbara & Lorenzo – To the barber shop2016-02-21T12:29:11+01:00
Barbara & Lorenzo – Anacapri shopping area2016-02-21T12:20:31+01:00
Barbara & Lorenzo – Lovely details2016-02-21T12:17:14+01:00
Barbara & Lorenzo – Details of the bridal dress2016-02-21T12:14:35+01:00