An emotional ceremony on the highest point of the island, a lunch among the branches of vines and a floral arrangement so beautiful that looks like a style shooting.

Photo: Valentina Casagrande – Video: Luigi De Gregorio

Hilda & Frank – Here comes the bride2015-12-13T17:46:39+01:00
Hilda & Frank – On top of the island2015-12-13T17:44:43+01:00
Hilda & Frank – I am your forever2015-12-13T17:40:57+01:00
Hilda & Frank – Stroll among nature2015-12-13T17:24:16+01:00
Hilda & Frank – Mediterranean menu2015-12-13T17:20:52+01:00
Hilda & Frank – Lunch among nature2015-12-13T16:37:42+01:00