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We have decided to write a few posts about a topic a bit difficult to deal with.


Do you know what is the first question that is asked by couples who come to us for the organization of their wedding on Capri island?

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“How much does a Capri wedding cost?”

Well, we usually open our eyes widely and exclaim “it depends.” Exactly, it depends on many, many things even though some points are fixed an sure.

With our weekly appointments (we will publish our posts every Monday, or at least we try) we would like to offer you our point of view on the topic, but be careful: what you are going to read it is the result solely of our wedding planning experience on the island Capri. The prices we provide are approximate, except for some budget items and once you get the end of each post, do not expect to have the solution in hand!

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Are you ready?

Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony

Well, today we talk about CEREMONY.

The first questions to ask yourself when you start to organize a wedding on Capri island are the same to be done if you decide to get married in any other city in the world:

In other words: civil ceremony, religious or symbolic?

The two local municipalities of the island (Capri and Anacapri) have given permission to perform civil ceremonies within municipal properties. Venues like terraces, gardens and viewpoints with stunning views of the sea are in fact available to all couples who want to get married on Capri, outdoors!

Of course, it is always possibile to celebrate the civil ceremony inside the City Hall (usually in the halls of the council chambers).

The fees for the year 2016 are:

For the Municipality of Capri

  • Rates start from Euro 350,00 (for rites celebrated during working hours in City Hall in the famous Piazzetta) to Euro 500.00 (for rites celebrated outside of working hours, but always in City Hall).
  • If you decide to use terraces, gardens and viewpoints owned by the municipality, then the rate is always Euro 1.500,00

For the Municipality of Anacapri

  • For the rites celebrated in the council chamber (or front garden of the City Hall) rates start from Euro 200,00 (weekdays during working hours) to Euro 300.00 (weekdays outside working hours). During weekends and public holidays the rate is Euro 400,00.
  • For the rites celebrated in outdoors venues the fee to pay is Euro 500,00.

There are also private venues (like villas and restaurants) which give permission, within their spaces, of celebrating civil ceremony alway behind the payment of fee to the City Hall.

Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony
Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony

The island is rich in churches where Catholic wedding can be celebrated.
The parish and the Archdiocese of Sorrento – Castellammare (which includes also Capri) prefer to have contact only with the couple so wedding planner, friends and relatives are not admitted as intermediaries.

Generally speaking, only locals can get married with a Catholic rite on the island of Capri.

Foreign couples are not allowed to get married with a Roman Catholic ceremony unless:

  • both bride and groom to-be are Italian citizens residing abroad and they are enrolled in the A.I.R.E  (Anagrafe degli Italiani residenti all’estero)
  • the bride or the groom to be is Italian and reside in Italy
  • relatives of first-degree of the bride and the groom live in one of the City Halls that belong to the Archdiocese
  • in the parish in which the couple wish to celebrate the marriage, it was celebrated one or more sacraments of at least one the couple.

(These listed above, are the most common cases, but if you want to read the full list please see here)

In addition to this, a strong bond between the couple and the island it is necessary.

For this reason it is required to send to the parish and to the Curia a motivational letter (a part from all the necessary documentation which includes baptism and confirmation certificates and a Pre-Cana course) after which the Curia “through the Weddings Office, take into consideration the pastoral reasons and necessary conditions for a possible authorization of the celebration and communicates within 1 month of receiving the request if the same is accepted or not”.

The celebrations are free of charge, but are well accepted free and spontaneous donations that spouses leave for the needs of the parish.

Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony
Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony

In Capri there is also a nice church belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Community of Naples.
For the use of the chapel it is required to pay a fee of Euro 500.00 (tariff 2015).

Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony
Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony

As you might know already, symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding and can take place anywhere you like. There are no restrictions and no paperwork is required.
Very often, those who decide to get married on Capri island choosing a symbolic ceremony, get married with civil and/or religious ceremony once returning home.

On Capri island any place is perfect to celebrate a symbolic ceremony. On a boat at the sunset, in a garden surrounded by lemon trees, on the beach, inside an historic home, in a museum overlooking the Gulf of Naples, in a private villa, on a hotel’s terrace.
Relying on a local agency of wedding planner will let you know all the hidden, most fascinating, least conventional and wonderful places on the island, enabling to create the perfect setting for your celebration.
In addition, some outdoors venues, owned by the two municipalities of the island, can be also used for symbolic ceremonies, and not only, therefore, to hold civil ceremonies.

Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony
Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony

We hope this post was useful to you.

See you next week with the second topic, THE GUESTS (How many people to invite? Offer them a stay on the island or not?).

If you have any question, please leave a comment. We have an answer for everything !!!

Have a good week.

Maria Consilia & Fabrizia

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Plan your wedding on the island of Capri - Ceremony